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Hey y'all! Thanks so much for visiting my website! My name is Emma and I'm the smile behind the S P R E A D!

I started this business out of a strong desire for a creative outlet during a time that was full of uncertainty and lots of "free-time"...yeah that's right... you know the one. Although we found ourselves being separated from our loved ones and avoiding large gatherings, there was still a demand to celebrate special occasions with the ones that matter most, even if it was from a distance. So, after lot's of self-doubt and contemplation... VIOLA, I give you

S P R E A D.

My second and probably most important motivation was that I come from a large Italian family, full of small business entrepreneurs, whose drive and hard work has always inspired me. Every family gathering was centered around food, with an emphasis on charcuterie meats and an overabundance of food! Pasta was also apart of EVERY MEAL... yes just apart of, not the actual meal itself *facepalm*!

I've always loved putting together little grazing platters for the girl's nights or parties I've hosted and have finally decided to let that creativity lead me on this little business adventure! So, I hope you'll follow along this journey with me and place an order if you're looking for a S P R E A D of your own!

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